• Christian devotional friendship

    The Gift Of Friendship

    Mim believes we were never meant to do life alone and that true friends can be a real gift from God. But just like any relationship, whether family or romantic, sometimes friendships can take work.

  • Christian single church

    On Singleness

    A devotion by Anna Kettle. "When we act as if singleness is somehow God’s second best, it’s not only damaging to individuals, but it’s also entirely un-Biblical too."

  • Poetry

    Hello Little Girl

    Have you ever looked at the person you are today and realised how you are shaped by your experiences of yesteryear? Rachel explores her past and present in this intriguing poem.

  • Family love relationships
    Short Story

    In A Blink

    A short story remembering those little moments in life through a different lens. The first time you met your partner. That chance meeting with a stranger in a coffee shop...

  • Love Marriage Portey

    Lessons of Love

    In this poem, our co-founder @zoeabernethy shares what she has come to learn about love after being married for 8 years. Give it a read and let us know what you think.

  • Poetry

    Looking for Love

    Sometimes we receive submissions anonymously. This beautiful poem explores the common question, 'What is love?' through the lens of failed romantic relationships. One we recommend reading.

  • Devotion


    A devotion by Kyle. In this piece she shares what it has looked like for her to cultivate healthy relationships in her life; bravely sharing some of the trials she has walked through.

  • Christian poem worship

    He Who Is Love

    An anonymous poem for our theme of prayer, inspired by the writer's experience of worship in church on Sunday. "Face inclined upwards, eyelids fluttered shut, hands wide open, palms facing up."

  • Christian testimony prayer

    New Heights

    A Testimony by one of our Co-Founders, Zoe Abernethy. "Every now and then I feel prompted to pray a prayer that I know will change my life. These prayers are the hardest for me to pray.

  • Christian poem prayer


    A poem by Georgia Barrow, exploring the theme of prayer. What does prayer mean to you? To Georgia it means that she will speak and be heard. Have a read of this lovely poem.

  • Christian Poem


    A poem by Alex for our theme of prayer - beautiful in it's simplicity and hidden depth. "Hands open. I seek your will, your voice, your path. Heart open. Who needs Your Love today?"

  • Prayer

    The Doughnut Wall

    How's this for creativity? Our launch team member, Rachel, has written a creative retelling of the Lord's prayer. We love the uniqueness of this one. What do you think?

  • Christian testimony hope career job

    Resurrecting Hope

    Hard times come to us all. Do you have hope? Zoe does "I can have hope, because I can see God has been faithful every step of the way." We pray this testimony resurrects hope to those who read this.

  • Art

    Interpreting Prayer

    A beautiful collection of art by Rachel Relaford (@Godworkshealingarts on Instagram) and King's Way Church Worship Art Connect Group. You need to see this impressive collection.

  • Poem Poetry Christianity

    Deafening Whisper

    Sometimes we don't need to use a lot of words. Sometimes a short but compelling thought is more than enough. Read this beautiful verse by Mary Rockhill, on the theme of prayer.

  • Christian Devotion Prayer

    The Game Changer

    A Devotion by Gabriela Yareliz Gonzalez. "while prayer doesn’t guarantee healing, material blessings, or affirmative answers, it does do something. Read on to find out more.

  • Christian Poem on Growth

    Bursting Out

    A poem by Jenifer Jones. Have you ever wanted to resist growth because you know it will be difficult and uncomfortable? May you find encouragement in this beautifully written poem.

  • Christian Testimony

    Note to Self

    A testimony by our co-founder, Zoe Abernethy, in the form of a letter to her younger self. In this piece Zoe reflects on what she has learnt as she looks back at her life.

  • Christian, hope, worship, hands up woman

    Heart Beat

    Heartfelt, vulnerable and honest, this poem explores the sometimes painful journey of growth: the dark of new beginnings ending with the glimpse of hope that comes from knowing God.