Ancient Pathway

My soul discerns an ancient vista

Visionary, yet not illusive

Unfathomable and unknown 

Yet splendid with the riches of collective wisdom

I wait there expectantly

Prenatal with opportunity

For change to come


This crossroad, this decision – once barely discernable

Now like a gravitational pull

Beckons me to surrender fear and shame 

To lay aside old ways of living

And to shed the heavy burden voluntarily 

While embracing the serendipitous joy of the journey

Change can come


So, before me the gateway, an aged track

Stands like a sentinel, a strong and silent witness

To all those, who too found courage and resolve

To boldly commence this unfamiliar way

The maelstrom of life’s exhausted hopes and tangled disappointments

Cast aside unwanted and redundant now 

Change must come


Resolute and steady, I unfalteringly begin 

A monumental decision made at life’s intersection

Each footstep propelling me onwards

To surrender entrenchment and to embrace epiphany

A life examined and considered 

Though in part, a perilous ravine of reflection, but

Change will come


And so, obstacles become my teacher, imperfection my companion

Familiar pitfalls navigated and traversed

Yet from these depths spring gifts of courage and fortitude 

Enabling my mountainous ascent to the summit 

Where Perfect Love reveals 

That all my hopes and dreams are possible

Change has come


I am known by many names. Whether formal situations or in relationships of intense familiarity, my name(s) depend on my role in life: Wife, daughter, mother, sister, nanny, friend or colleague. So, with each role, my name can vary.
Julie, Julia, Jules, Jule, Ju, Love, Nanny, Miss (at school) Mrs or Mum, I am familiar with them all though not entirely comfortable with each.

However, with each term I am still in essence the same person. 

The term people use when they address me varies according to my acquaintance with them. When someone uses my nickname with ease (Jules), to me it is an endearment and evokes an exchange of deep familiarity. It suggests a degree of emotional connection that someone is willing to know me on a personal level.  

I have pet names for those I love too, (some might be too embarrassing to include here) but, they are names that reflect the deep love I have for those closest to me. For my husband (Hun), my wonderful children (you know who you are and what you’re called), and my amazing grandchildren, my pet names for them are an expression of a deeper relationship and of my love and devotion. 

The same can be said for the relationship God has with us his children.
He calls us His child, and knows each of us by name.
He says we’re His beloved, His friend, His handiwork, His treasure.
He even calls us holy and beloved. 

Imagine this; we who are sinful creatures, the God of the universe removes our sin. He restores us with His never ending love and makes us holy! 

How do we respond to such amazing love? 

No matter what we are going through, God wants us to come as we are to Him. He longs to know us intimately. He wants us to drop all barriers and for us to simply cry out to him in our distress as a child would to its father, ‘Abba Father.’ 

In the summer of 2014, as I was facing great change in my life and fear of the unknown threatened to overwhelm me, God placed the verse from Jeremiah Chapter 6:16 on my heart.

This is what the LORD says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. 

As I lay in the hospital bed and enquired of God about my future, I felt His peace surround me and I began to have some clarity. I was quite bound by my own imperfections and felt a total failure. Was there any hope for me? 

Once home, God whispered softly and gently beckoned me to listen.  He assured me that with Him by my side, I could take a look at my life and let go of all that held me back and crushed me. But, there were conditions: I had to surrender my old way of striving and to willingly place my hand in His, believing He knew the way. I had to relinquish fear and freely step onto the ancient path, trusting my future to him. 

It was a monumental moment in my life.

I had to let go of everything that was holding me back and allow the one who is Perfect Love to guide me step by step along the ancient path.
Only then would my life be transformed.
Only then could new avenues open up and new ventures in my life be claimed.  

I pray that as you read the poem I wrote in 2014, that you too will experience the perfect love of God who casts out all fear and come to know his transformational power changing your life, as you journey deeper into Him. 


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