Four friends against the sun

Dream Big: We Dare You

A Prayer for Print Collective and our contributors. The hopes and dreams we carry for this project.

“I have plans for your life”, you whispered.
“Good plans,” you murmured, despite the storm.
They were plans that rekindled hope in hearts.
And we believed them.
Held on with both hands;
couldn’t let go.

“Dream big” we thought. We dared ourselves.
We said we would
dream big for You.

This space of hope, of inspiration.
Of jumbling along together in faith.
Where dreams lay bare.
Hearts poured into print on screens.
A collective of God journeys exposed,
the good times, the journeying,
the sorrow, the mess.

“Allow us to reach those who need reaching,”
We prayed.
“Inspiration released,
hope given,
encouragement spread,
lives left changed,
impacted in a positive way by what is seen here.”

We thanked you for unique gifts,
talents bestowed.
The thumbprint you left on lives
as you knit us together in our mother’s womb.

We thanked you for the call of your voice,
The wisdom gleaned.
Asking for open eyes and ears,
learning opportunities,

And most of all we thanked you for being you.
For your grace, for your mercy, for your love.




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