He Completes Us

I believe that we cannot fully come to know ourselves apart from Jesus. He is our perfect identity.

It hasn’t always been like this.

I used to seek validation from people, held on to the labels placed on me, looked for my identity in people and temporary things and took to heart every word spoken by others over mine.

I looked for validation in people who are just as human and perfectly imperfect as I am, built relationships with people who didn’t value me because I didn’t know who I was and, most importantly, whose I was.

Every person has at one time or another felt this way. But, we cannot know the answers about our worth, our value, outside of God and what Jesus Christ did on the cross.

Our identity lies in Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for us while we were still far away from Him.
He chose to die so we would be called Children of God, Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom.
He died so we wouldn’t have to look to others/temporary things to dictate who we are.

The desire to be validated, the questions of who we are and what we are supposed to do, are questions that can only be satisfied by God. Those questions are in us, but only He knows the answers to them. Only He should be trusted with them.

I didn’t realise I didn’t have to earn peoples validations until the day I chose to know God for myself. Not just the every Sunday church God, but to personally know Him: the God who says that our identity is not found within ourselves, people, job or school, but is found in Christ.

So many times we look at ourselves, and quickly point out what’s wrong or why we are incapable or unable, whereas God is trying to show us, “look to the cross and take hold of every word spoken over you.”

When you can’t find something good to say to yourself, look at how the Word speaks of you. Look at who He declares you to be, look at how He crowns you.

Jesus is telling us that He died not only because He loves us, but also so we would see ourselves in Him and take up His identity for ourselves.

You’re who God says you are and only the Word, His Word, defines you.

In Ephesians 2 v 10, we are called God’s masterpiece.
 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Knowing our identity in Christ completes us, because He completes us. You’re a work of art, His work of Art. You’re priceless to Him, incredibly valuable and irreplaceable.

He has chosen you, his masterpiece, and loved you. He is present with you in every moment and He doesn’t leave. He never leaves. You are not alone, because every step is accompanied by Him: the one who chose to be with you. You’re not forsaken. In His eyes you do not stand condemned because you are a new creation in Christ Jesus.He doesn’t judge you based on your history. Your history becomes history because you’re a new creation! We come as we are and He works within to make us into His perfect image.

Let me be the one to tell that you are beyond labels, misinterpretations and names, because they are not who you are.

When your Father sees you, He sees His Child; His beloved. In Ephesians 1 v 4, He declares you are chosen, long before the foundations of the Earth were laid, long before the labels, before you took your first breath on the Earth. Long before you condemned yourself.

God does not see you as the friend who left sees you, the teacher who spoke negatively over you or as statistics label you. He sees what you did but never condemns you. He doesn’t see you as people see you and, most of all, He doesn’t see you as how you have chosen to see yourself. He doesn’t see the faults and imperfections. When He sees your brokenness, He doesn’t call you broken but in fact declares you are whole.

You are a Daughter / Son of the Most High King and you are overwhelmingly, abundantly and recklessly loved by eternal love. There is absolutely nothing that could ever separate you from His love.

That is your identity.





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