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Our Battle For Identity

Identity has become one of the biggest ‘buzz words’ in today’s society

We are either searching for it, losing it, having it stolen or we are confused about it.
Our identity can be so easily knocked and cleverly redefined. Yet it’s purpose, when true, is to free you and to propel you into all God has for you.
Our identity is fundamental and foundational. It’s vitally important and drives our actions. It’s our distinguishing character, it’s what makes us who we are.

No wonder it’s such an important topic and no wonder it’s such a priority on the enemy’s list!

As Christians our identity comes from no one and nowhere else than Our Creator, God.

But, this isn’t exclusive to Christians, its true for every human being on the planet past, present and future, whether we believe it or not.
No wonder confusion comes and our society is in such an identity crisis, because we don’t fully understand or relate to the truth that He knit us together, designed us, ordained our days before we were even born.
Our identity is formed in, and created by, Him.

The enemy uses so many ways to rob our true identity: social media, branding, comparison, struggles, to name but a few.
Consider how our society struggles with the idea of Fatherhood.
To so many the idea of a good father is alien and so we struggle with this aspect of our identity never really realising the truth of our Heavenly Father.

But, what a Father we have!
And how truly incredible that He created us in His image, that He is interested in every minute detail of our lives and that He cares for us and for our potential.

We are so often oblivious of the ways our identity is being undermined until it’s too late and the damage is done.
We need to wise up, as Christians and as people, to the truth of who and whose we are!

What if we don’t fully understand our identity, or don’t believe its true origin?

That’s when enemy deviously feeds the lies into our hearts and minds that we are someone we are not. Something we are not.
That’s when confusion and distortion comes, where lines are blurred and we become distracted and disarmed.
That’s when people and groups try to redefine and rewrite truth.

When we truly know our identity in Christ, we begin to live a life that is powerful and effective.

It’s a reality the enemy will try his best to thwart and will subtly and seductively try to intervene in so he can make us ineffective.
Our true identities are a valuable possession and must be protected from an enemy who would seek to steal, kill and destroy.

Our greatest weapon and most valuable resource is the Word of God.

The Bible tells us over and over again about our true identity.
It gives us truth above facts and circumstances, reminds us that we are His, chosen, loved, protected, forgiven, provided for. That we are planned; a masterpiece with a purpose and a destiny to fulfil.
It places our identity on the firm foundation of the love of God and the forgiveness and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

And what then?

What if we begin to understand our identity and believe its true origin?

That’s when we learn that our identity doesn’t come from anyone or anywhere else than your relationship with God.
That’s when we learn it’s not about being more; it’s about knowing you are already enough and being who He has called you to be.

Do you believe that?

My prayer for you today is that you will know your true identity.

That you will know the plan and purpose of your design and the love of your ever faithful and ever loving God.
I pray against every scheme of the enemy to distort, confuse and redefine your identity.
I pray that you will not be defined by a struggle or an ideology but by the Word of God and the relationship you have with Him.



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