Who Am I?

The root of identity runs through the rivers of my veins breaking into my DNA and in the midst of my awakening
I see the who and the why to what that I am and it’s rooted in the vision of what I see
No that’s not me
I know my identity.
It’s not the words spoken before me above me
Beneath me
Not the whispers of my words
Of the enemy unheard
Where he screams in my ear
Trying to drown me in fear
And make fear my identity
I know my identity
It swells with pride inside of me
A destiny awaiting me
And in that comes
A fresh
An atonement
A price for what I did
A knowing
A becoming
A fight for whom I live
Disgraceful, shameful, unloved
For many a year
These words in my ear
And shadowing my heart
Til identity was found in these
Dismissing the calling
The knowing
The child inside
Who would slowly die
If I can’t recognise
In who my true identity lies
Beneath the shadows and the darkness
The crack of light shows and when I reach for it
Breathe upon it
Feel the warmth in this cold room
I inhale truth
And I exhale the lies
That broke the ties and bound me in
An identity that was plagued with sin
And Satan was never going to win
For truth had paid it all
And my identity in Him foretold
I am plagued and unknown
But through Him my redemption’s been told
My identity is goodness and praise and grace
He paid it all
So I could call
Upon my identity
Loved child of God
And when I look in the mirror I refuse to see
The lies schemes and plans that Satan had for me
For my redeemer shall shine as I surrender it all
Holy one
My identity in you
The one who created and chosen and formed
With promises and purpose I’ll live it out for all
You’re my King and my hope
And I’ll live for you
For my identity comes
From you alive in me too.

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