The Dance Poetry Relationships

The Dance

This tango of two steps forward, one step back,
a cha cha cha of avoidance, of betrayal, of doubt,
we move in perfect rhythm, this dance, this game we play,
it never ceases to surprise; the disruption, the disarray.

I shall keep my distance,
build up my shaky walls,
protect myself from grievance;
ignore your sullen calls

And here we go again. You reach out and I stall,
a mix match of emotion that keeps me in enthral.
Surrender oh so easy, I know that to be true,
and surrender so much easier with my history with you.

Turn my back against your insults,
resist your angry stare,
hold strong against the barrage,
refuse your happy lair.

A one two step of tangles, a history laid bare,
that grows with such momentum in the absence of fresh air.
The injustice and the passion, who could predict the weighty strain?
It washes over heavily with the intensity of rain.

But now I’m in your presence,
the sense of being near
turn my head from all past lessons.
My walls come down, I fear.

The drama and the heartache, they catch us both off-guard,
moving with intensity; the opposing side vanguard.
Before too long I’m surrounded, all resistance torn to shreds,
and before I stop, it happens, the dance begins again.

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