Hands Poem Christian Achieve

You Can’t Touch Me

You can’t touch me! Look at what I’ve already achieved.
You can’t touch me! I’m already so accomplished.
My body has created life three times.
Three amazing, confident, young women have found life because I birthed them.
I carried them, I gave birth to them and I raised them.
Yes! I raised them and look how they turned out – they make me so proud.
So you can’t touch me!

You can’t tell me what I can and cannot do.
What I’m capable of and what I’m not.
Who are you to tell me this?
To tell me where my ceiling is?
How far I can go, how limited I am?
Have you done what I have done? Have you created what I have created?
Have you lived even one day in my head? In my body?
How dare you?

How dare you say I am this and that?
How dare you tell me what to think and feel?
How dare you try to bully me with your lies about my ability, my intellect, my stamina, my credentials?
How dare you put limits on me?
I can do in an hour what you can do in three.
I am smart. I am sassy.
I am also able to love and share.

I’m not afraid of competition because I don’t see it as such.
You have your giftings and I have mine.
I am satisfied and confident with what God has given me.
You won’t find me back stabbing or fighting for my place because I know it already;
I stand in it.

I am firmly positioned and happy to be who I am.
That’s what I have over you,
I know who I am.
I don’t need to do another person down in order to elevate myself.
You can’t touch me!

Your words cannot hold me back, hold me in, or hold me down for I am created to soar.
To be the best version of myself and to teach my daughters to be the same.
I will be a role model to them by not allowing you to tell me where I can and can’t succeed.
There are no limits, there are no boundaries,
I am me and that’s worth something!

I am me and I have a whole lot to offer, my friend.
I stand tall in my call to be the me I was designed to be, so you can’t touch me!
I won’t let you,
for I am free!











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