God is Your Border Security

We live in a world so well developed that we need to make sure we have the correct foundations in place.
With these foundations comes a lot of boundaries, and as it is in our human nature to oppose them, we need to realise that God’s boundaries are set in place to guide us into the right direction.

The correct path travelled on is narrow and full of trials, but the reward is eternal.

So many times, we try to push through the boundaries that have been set, when they were actually set in place to protect us. And then have to face the consequences when we do break the rules.

I look at our governments, and the chaos that is so present in so many areas in the different departments. It would be impossible for them to succeed without boundaries.
If we look at the chaos that is arising in our school systems, we see the need to teach our children from a very young age about boundaries as, with that, comes obedience. From a very early age we have to teach our children about first time obedience as, when they become more mature, staying obedient to God’s boundaries will then be so much easier.

I firmly believe that setting the example to those around you will overflow to them, and they will follow your example.
So why not obey God’s boundaries that have been set in place to protect us?
Why does it become so difficult to live the right way? Why do we allow the world to influence us?
We have to be very careful to not over step our boundaries, for it is sometimes so easy to fall back into our old habits. That’s why we need to make sure that our relationship in Christ is build on a firm foundation.

Let the influence you allow in your life be a positive one.

The people you surround yourself with will ultimately affect how you live your life. Let God determine your fragrance in life, and make sure you surround yourself with Christ’s followers and not just fans of His work. For a mature Christ follower will surround himself with the same kind and be held accountable to each other.

God loves us so much that He wants us to live by His boundaries, so that the world around us will start following in His footsteps. God put us on this earth to make more disciples for Him – to change lives, and inspire. God gave us this life to affect others positively, to testify to His good work, and by keeping to His boundaries we will ultimately reap the rewards.

Let God determine each step you take, and let’s set such an example that in this dark world, God’s light will start shining.


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  • Lou

    So true. It feels like our human nature automatically wishes to fight the boundaries that have been put in place for us – boundaries that we have been given to keep us safe. And yet, when we spend time with God, seek him, spend time reading the bible, then these boundaries can be easier to maintain. I wonder why we fight against it all so hard?!

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