Voices Christian poetry battles


God, are you there?
Can you hear me?
The small, scared voice of the lost, desperately seeking.
I am tired of this battle, between truth and lie.

When I lose step with you the lie shouts louder,
It tricks me to believe it as truth,
Lets me think I’m useless, worthless, unable to cope.

The lie is sneaky, it prowls like the lion, it watches my steps.
It watches me stumble and it steps in, kindly, to pick me up.
I take it’s hand, relieved that someone is there to help.

And I begin to believe the things it says.
And it’s voice gets louder, stronger, more real.

When I walk with you, Lord, that lying voice cannot get through the hedge of protection around me.
It is battling against you to start again,
wheedling into my mind, feeding me lies.

This time it won’t get through.
This time it can’t get through.
Because your voice is louder.
Your voice is stronger.
And your truth is amazing.
It speaks to me: you are amazing, I love you, you are more than enough for me, there is nothing you can do for me to love you more.

This week I let both voices in, next week I will be stronger.
Because amidst the lies of the pseudo-lion, the real lion is roaring, the real lion is scaring him away.
And he is the one I choose to listen to.
To follow.
To hear.

God, you are there.
God, you hear me.
God, I am yours.


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  • Lou

    Well done Jen for sharing. I think a lot of us can understand that battle you write about. It’s easy to let the toils of life infect our mind. That’s why I find it so good to spend some time in God’s presence and let the truth sink in.

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