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Yesterday was dark,
today was light,
and both were beautiful.

What is a battle?

It’s more than a mere struggle, it requires tenacity and force. They are hard to fight, even harder to win, and we all encounter them on a regular basis. Life peaks and troughs, some days are easier than others, but with every day we’re granted, be it good or bad, we pray that we’re able to learn and grow from our experiences. At least, this is what I tell myself I should be doing as a ‘good’ Christian – “Life’s hard right now Marilyn, but good Christians don’t lost faith, God always has a plan”. The truth in that statement doesn’t make the battle any easier to bear.

What I’ve Learnt

While growing in my relationship with God I’ve learnt that I’m often guilty of asking for the wrong things, especially when things aren’t going my way. Think about it – when everything’s going great, we thank God for the blessings He’s bestowed upon us, for His generosity, for His love. But when things are going badly? My first prayer usually sounds something like this: “God, please get me out of this. God, please stop whatever’s happening right now. God, please bring me back to the light.”

See, although my heart’s in the right place, I’m not asking for the right thing, because my prayer implies an element of separation between the Lord and I. It says, “God, right now I’m in the darkness, and you’re in the light, and I want to be where you are.” But God tells us that to Him, darkness and light are the same (Psalm 139:12)! That He is the same in the darkness as He is in the light!

He’s Always There

While I was spending all that time praying for God to rescue me, I should have been acknowledging the fact that He was there with me, fighting the battle with me. That He’s always there with me, through the good and the bad, and that because His love never fails. He would provide me with the strength I needed to win this battle. It’s truly amazing, the protection and strength that comes from having a relationship with God. It’s strength that ensures we’re able to not only fight the battles, but win the war.

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  • Mim

    Really love this submission. A great fresh perspective – just one of the many things I love about Print Collective! 🤗

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