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Last Word

His books were all gathered
the classroom dispersed,
the bell rang, commencing round four.
Who would have thought he would give up tonight
Since nobody witnessed the war?

Fear gripped his chest as he stepped through the hall.
Phrases of scorn echoed off every wall,
into his ears flooding down to his core,
yet nobody witnessed the war.

Wounded yet smiling, playing the part,
taking each blow with a warrior’s heart.
Their heavy words were like fiery darts,
yet nobody witnessed the war.

They never saw past the jokes with their friends.
Their vocal sepulchers were burying him.
Inside he’s wounded but forced to pretend,
yet nobody witnessed the war.

To the school he’s a geek and a freak; a degenerate,
ugly and queer, overweight but he’s innocent!
They called him filthy, but God made Him clean,
yet nobody witnessed the war.

So they pierced him with prejudice, lashed him with labels.
Picked up and moved when he sat at their tables.
Lied and denied any affiliation.
Bullying back was a constant temptation,

but he never did so instead he grew sore.
He needed a hero, but no one came forth.
Who would have thought that he gave up last night?
Since nobody witnessed the war…


  • Nate

    It’s a great piece Edward! Love to see another brother getting enjoyment out of poetry and writing.

    Would love to see you write an alternative ending in contrast to this one, to place them beside each other for contrast. Be cool to see the battle won in the end!

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