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Under Attack

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Oh boy, how well do we know this.

Whether it’s something small you are facing, or the biggest battle you have faced thus far, the end result will always be the same: God will never leave you to fight this battle on your own.

If there is one thing that I have learned, it’s that the battles are not from Him but He does use it all to His glory.

So, through all the struggles and attacks, God still remains the same; it’s just our situation that changes.
At the end, when you look back, you will still be standing and you will smile again. Every dark cloud has its silver lining.

We often get stuck in the questions of why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong to deserve this? Or even, how much more pain will this situation cause? I’m not going to lie to you, it is tough, and so many times I was so close to giving up.
I didn’t want to go on with my life as it was and so many times I felt like quitting. I have at many times felt like quitting on my marriage when our unity as a married couple was under attack.
But, then you get this little spark of hope. Something just enough to pull you through and give it another shot.

You will face many attacks and they come at the most unexpected times. When you least expect them they creep up on you.
So, what will you do? Fight back, or allow it to happen? Or even blame God for what you are going through?
You need to allow the Holy Spirit to step in on your behalf; because our battles aren’t fleshly, but of a spiritual nature.

We can’t go through this alone and we can’t fight it alone.

The devil will try to stop you no matter what. At any cost he will try to force you to a halt and that’s why our relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit needs to be rock solid.
And I’m writing this, because I’m also still learning. Every single day I’m learning new things about myself while going through these attacks.

I want to share one of my toughest battles with you.
I strongly believe that my youngest has been given to me to teach me to be more patient, kinder, and humbler. The first few months after his birth was so tough, I felt like quitting on him so many times.
I got angry at him. I got angry at God because why would He give me this difficult situation to go through? And, to top it all off, we were struggling financially. Despite all of this, God told me to step into my new career as a full-time mother.
That season was one of my toughest battles so far, because through my beautiful boy, God started teaching me to be more bearing with others. To cut them some slack, and to remain calm.
If it wasn’t for that battle, how would God have ever revealed writing for Him, in me?
If I didn’t listen and push into God’s voice more, my situation now would look a lot different. I’m so grateful that I did listen to Him.

You see the end result of these attacks are so rewarding that it’s so worth it. But, we need to go through them to reap the rewards.

Never give up on God, for He is the only one that will pull you through.
And yes, you will try to rely on the world sometimes for those answers, but through experience I can proudly say that you won’t find what you need from the world.
That’s why I believe we truly sometimes need to shut the world out to tune into God’s voice a little more. We truly need to push into His voice more. He is such an awesome God, and only wants what is best for us, that it’s the least we can do.
Never give up on your battles my dearest friend, for they will make you stronger, and it will give God the opportunity to gladly save you again.


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