Christian life journey, growth, reflection on mountain top

The Meandering Journey

Onward and upwards,
not an incline to climb,
more a meandering journey;
many moments in time.

Sing praise on the mountain tops,
survey the surrounds.
Press in through the valleys,
heavy eyes lifted high.

Pausing for breath, relax to fulfil,
our heavenly Father tells us we need only be still.
Where once a wrong path was disastrously tread,
a second chance meeting, I’m now in good stead.

My good friend once told me,
“Take each chance you are given,
press on despite fear,
discipline yourself, be driven”.

A fork in the road, take the left or go right?
Previous decisions should give more insight.
Every experience, whether the highs or the low,
should deepen our wisdom and in that we grow.

If you enjoyed this poem by Mim, check out her other poem, The Dance, submitted for the theme of Boundaries.


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