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How’s Your Heart?

I love this time of year, when all the daffodils and crocuses start appearing in the garden and the life and vibrancy and colour come to the earth after the cold, drab, days of winter.
I sometimes forget what is in my garden in the Winter and then flowers and colours start appearing in Spring.
It makes me think of the hard work and effort that goes into gardening. To achieve a beautiful garden with colourful flowers, we have to spend time and effort digging and planting.
Just like our spiritual growth…

Spiritual Growth

The Bible has a lot to say about spiritual growth.
When we first give our lives to Christ we metaphorically feed on the milk of God’s word: learning the basics, what it means to be a Christian and a Disciple of Christ.
As we begin to grow, then we need to go deeper into God’s word.

It’s interesting to watch a baby grow.
When first born, the baby requires milk to sustain them; to keep them healthy and well.
As they get older, solids are introduced to help them grow and develop physically and mentally.
So it is with our spiritual lives.

We need to feed on the Word of God, regularly. To pray regularly and make time for God.
This is our responsibility.
We need to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit – the enabler – the one who will guide us into all truth.
As we go deeper into God’s Word and learn more about what He says about our lives and how to live, we will become mature Christians growing into spiritual maturity.
Then, in turn, we can be a witness and help to younger Christians.

Nourishment And Fellowship

An important aspect of spiritual growth is meeting with other Christians, to study the Word of God, to pray together, and to encourage each other.
In Hebrews 10:25 we read,

And let us not give up meeting together. Some are in the habit of doing this.
Instead let us encourage one another with words of hope.
Let us do this even more as you see Christ’s return approaching.

Attending Church, home groups, meeting with fellow Christians, are all good to ensure we stay on track, continue to grow in our faith, and hold ourselves accountable in our actions.

Spiritual Healthcheck

In life we sometimes need to have a medical check up, and so it is with our spiritual lives.
It is good to do a spiritual check on how we are growing in our walk with God, from time to time.

Stop, take stock of where your heart is at, and where you are in your faith and your walk with God.
If you feel things are sliding, it is good to take responsibility and to be alert to where we are at and remedy where we may be going wrong.
This is how we grow in maturity.

As You Grow…

May you be encouraged daily as you read the bible and pray,
and may God draw closer to you, and deepen your walk with Him.


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