Growth metaphor Christian Story
Short Story

The Gardener

The tiny seed fell on dry soil.
The wind blew the seed until it landed on good earth.
That little seed was fierce and the little seed grew some roots.

The seed began to blossom into a bud.
When the sun shone, a tiny flower began to grow, but when the rain came, that bud closed in.
With a little help, the bud was supported and began to grow tall.

The Gardener appeared and watered the blossoming flower until it grew and opened its petals.
But, one day, the flower began to wither and the Gardener watched, dismayed.
The Gardener could do nothing to help it.
The flower was stubborn; all seemed lost.

The Gardener stayed by the withered flower.
Holding it, watering it and helping it shine.
Slowly, the flower uncurled, the flower petals reached high.
The colour was vibrant and bright.

The flower grew and grew
and the Gardener looked down, pleased,
at the vibrant sight of the most beautiful
wild field of delight.


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