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Growth: A Blind Process

You care for the land and water it; you enrich it abundantly
You soften the soil with showers and cause the young plants to grow
You crown the year with your bounty
Psalm 65:9a, 10b, 11a

Growth can sometimes be a blind process.
We may not know exactly the work that God is doing within our hearts and minds, but the shaking and shaping of such growth is hard not to discern.
We feel it. And, we notice the change in our demeanour.

In a way, our hearts and minds are like the soil talked about in the above verses.
He cares for our land. He waters it, prunes it, and makes it grow.

Spiritual growth is God’s bounty.
But, it’s not so easy to see it that way… especially in some situations we face.

Most recently, I had to grow my belief.
Belief that God was taking care of me; that He was going ahead of me to provide for my needs and to give me His treasures. I can honestly say it was a time of uncertainty for me. Anxiety mounted and disbelief was a more choice place for me to sit.

But, that’s the crazy thing about growth: where you were, or even where you are, no longer serves its purpose. It doesn’t feel natural.
Because, God is tilling your soil.
Stirring your spirit.
God is calling you out—out and into something greater.

In my situation, God was asking for more belief. And the new season in my life was calling for more belief as well.
The only way I could step into that was to step into the growing process.
I had to say goodbye to the old so that God could make way for the new growth He had in store for me.

I wonder if God has whispered something to you lately that you know, in your spirit, warrants more growth. Warrants more blind faith.
I want to encourage you that though new growth is difficult to culture, it is necessary to your relationship with Christ.
And, furthermore, who you really are is manifested by your obedience to courageously step into the many growing seasons yet to come.

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