Testimony Growth Strength

Spiritual Muscle

Who determines your strength? And, who determines how much you grow in Christ?
Has your growth made you stronger, or are you still just gliding through life?

God didn’t put a spirit of failure in you but one of strength,
and strength only comes by growth.

The battles don’t get easier, that I can promise you, but your dependency on Christ pulling you through does get bigger. With every battle, and every giant you face, a growing process happens.
Growing a dependency on Christ takes time, and patience, and endurance.

So often, we tend to blame God for the giants that we are currently facing. But, as you grow in maturity, you realise that it is not from God and that He is truly the only one that will be able to pull you through those situations.
With your growing process in Christ, a switch starts happening; one that you can only truly understand once you realise that you are going through it.
It’s something that happens deep inside of you, that brings in emotional change and the sense to understand things, and situations, better.

I have always blamed God for giants that I am facing. I felt that, if there is someone to blame, it was Him.
And as my relationship grew with God, and month end came and yet again there was no money, I started placing my trust in Christ instead of getting angry at Him.
But, as my family have looked back over the past few years, we’ve seen that God has always pulled us through and always stood by us.
I truly believe that the switch that happened there, from anger to dependency, could only come with growth.

God gives His biggest battles to His strongest warriors, and the process from being a worrier to becoming a warrior for Christ takes growth.
Growing a stronger relationship with the One and Only One that will ever be able to truly set you free.

Growth is a process, one that will never end, and as you grow more in your relationship with God, the stronger you will get.
It’s all about the journey, and the process, and the key is to actually go through it, grow in it, to reap the reward of maturity.
The growth process can happen in any way. You can pray, you can become silent, you can look for diversions, but no matter what, the growing process will still take place.

My growth process started happening when I looked for a different stress reliever. I started exercising so hard, and so much, and through this whole process not only did God make me stronger physically and emotionally, He also taught me to never ever give up.
Through this whole growing process Phil 4:13 became my motto: to always remember that I can do all things through Him that gives me the strength.
That realisation can only come when you are truly growing.

My dearest friend, let’s take a step back, and allow God to do the growing in us.
Let’s put our trust fully in Him, so that the next season of your life can start growing and opening up in you.

Grow my dearest friend, grow,
and don’t you ever, ever stop.

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