Christian, hope, worship, hands up woman

Heart Beat

Trials, tribulations, damaged thoughts,
spiralling, shaped, through formative years.
The bar was never high, set low.
I see that, now: no space to grow.

Strangled by the turmoil within,
the storm, it gathered;
dark clouds, they win.

The onslaught came, where was the escape?
No room to move,
no fire escape.

The first real taste of sensing your power.
The higher being,
my Lord and master.

Plain sailing?
No, it has been not,
but painful growth.
Some hurt?
A lot.

The light at the end, it grows clearer still.
Some perspective, support, a lot of strong will.

It’s not been easy, it’s been damn well hard,
but, I won’t give in,
I know your heart.

It beats within me, stronger still,
to know myself,
my value, within.

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