Interpreting Prayer

We were honoured that Rachel Relaford (@Godworkshealingarts on Instagram) from the USA, used our theme of prayer as the focus with her home group earlier this year.
Rachel has many beautiful paintings posted to her Instagram account, all of which have a back story. Rachel tells us she loves being in relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Below, is her interpretation of the theme of prayer, which she explains “is about becoming aware and aligned with all three parts of the Lord.”

Christian art home group prayer

Rachel has also kindly shared with us the other pieces painted by the King’s Way Church Worship Art Connect Group. The pieces below is their response to the question “What does prayer look like / mean to you?

Christian art home group prayer

Take a moment and look through each piece. Do any of them speak to you?

If you’re encouraged, feel free to paint and submit your own interpretation of one of our themes. We’d love to share your creative work.


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