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The Power That Lies Within It

I think that prayer is one of the most powerful forms of communication with our Creator.

A prayer is an intentional form of communication with God. Whether it be a cry out for Him to help, or to thank Him for His greatness.
We need to realise that we can’t ever stop praying to God, because through the Holy Spirit it directly connects us with God.
Pray while you praise Him, pray while you are driving, pray when you see someone that’s intensely hurting.
Wherever, or for whomever, you pray – just remember to never stop!

God hears every prayer, and every plea for help, and every thanks giving.

My Testimony

I want to combine my devotional today with a bit of a testimonial as well.
We have been truly praying and pleading with God to help us, to move us, to change our direction.
We started fully committing our lives to Christ about 3 years ago. We went to an Every Nation Conference in Cape Town, still very new in our journey, and there we prayed and asked God to help us to be able to go to Every Nation Conference in Florida U.S.A, in July 2019.

Just the other day our dream came true and I booked the accommodation.

Answered Prayers

We prayed to God to help us change our direction and asked Him to help us financially, to close doors where they needed closing, and smoothly direct us into our new venture.
The journey started in January and we intentionally started praying for God to direct us along the right path and that, if this job is from Him, that all will go smoothly.

In April, my husband will start working in America.

Financial Breakthrough

How many a time we as a family prayed for financial break through: when month end came, and we started praying for God to just intervene, never has He left us in the dry.
Every month He has pulled us through, never has He forsaken or left us, and for that I will praise His name forever.
For our God is a good God!

You see, miracle upon miracle comes when you intentionally pray without ceasing.

Hope and Blessings

With every prayer comes hope. Not just for you, but for the people around you, who you call your family in Christ.
It brings hope to the hopeless, the hurt, the defeated!
Your prayers become the testimonies that changes other people’s lives.
You see, with every prayer comes an effect that pours over onto other people’s lives. And with every prayer answered give thanks to God, glorify His name, give thanks for His goodness.

With the work that my husband will be doing in America, we were able to bless the lady who works in our house with a permanent position, one she has been praying for, for 2 years.
My husband was able to sow his business to someone who is trying to reunite his son with him in the town that we currently live in. It’s something that he has really been praying for.
So, you see, your answered prayers don’t just change your life, but it changes those around you as well.

Where two or more are gathered in my name, so I will be.

I think when you pray, intentionally, with all your heart, even the angels can hear it.
Never cease praying. Because at the right time, in God’s perfect time, He will answer your prayer.
And whether it is praying for a miracle, or just to thank Him, do it with your whole heart.

Jesus is the centre key of it all.
Through Him all things are made possible.

Never stop praying my dearest friend, because through prayers miracles happen, inspiration is passed on to others, hope is given to the hopeless and prayer brings in healing where, once, was a broken heart.

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