Spoken Word

A Mother’s Heart

She stood, expectant,
the round mound of her stomach wrote a story the world could read
but she couldn’t believe, in her heart,
before this new life made its start
she was Mummy to the wriggling arms and legs that danced inside.
But, the fear came from the lies
that said she would never be the mum she dared to hope she’d become.
But, she was missing the song of truth that was sung
by the creator, who had made her woman.
The God who protected like a bear
as He tenderly cared for his young,
had weaved Mother’s love into the DNA of creation
and, without explanation,
when the butterflies that danced in her tummy tumbled into the world,
the love she felt drowned out the lies she’d been told.

And as the hours, turned to days turned to weeks, turned to months,
it became increasingly clear
that she knew what to do, here,
because of the love that she’d known.
A cast of precious women who had sown
into her life, each one with a gift to impart,
a finger print painted on the kaleidoscope of her heart.
And now the sunshine of her love for this child was directed
to shine through this lens, which so beautifully reflected
the stunning technicolour of our God’s perfect love.

And in the still of the peace that her heart now enjoyed,
she heard the familiar sound of her faithful God’s voice,
singing His beautiful song over her and this babe.
It was He who had created it to be this way.
The God who Himself lives in perfect community,
reflects that in His world when we choose to live in His unity.
He will grow Mothers for the broken hearts that He sees,
to bring freedom to the children who so desperately need
to know the love of the one who knit them together.
And His Mother’s love will be shared through each woman that cares,
as the heart of our God is revealed
through the hands and the feet of the women we meet –
the loyal friends, sisters, mothers, aunts and godmothers
that He sends on His mission of love.

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