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Lessons of Love

I’ve learnt that our love is not just a one off yes, but many little yeses day after day.
It’s a series of choices that speaks so much louder than the ‘love you’ we say with our voices.
Love doesn’t just happen, it is chosen through action.
I can’t expect to reap what I don’t sow. So I will stop complaining about the harvest I am not seeing from the seed I have not planted to grow.

I’ve learnt that our love is more than feelings because feelings are fragile and fleeting.
I’ve learnt that our love is held together by love itself and that is all that remains.
I’ve learnt that our love won’t always look the same but the sparks we nurture can soon become flames.

I’ve learnt that our love doesn’t disappear with the absence of romance but our love can go deeper beyond what’s become familiar.
A three corded strand is not easy to break. God’s woven us together and declared let no man separate.
I’m glad that it’s you that I gave myself to. I’m glad I was with you when I said I do.

Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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