Steadfast Love

Give me a love that never dies.
The passing of fleeting feelings is as consistent as the sunrise
and, often, I only see them dimly penetrate through the clouds.
I want the security of a love so deep it fills every fibre of my being
and I am made steadfast and complete.
Give me a heart that beats,
and never stops beating, the consistent rhythm of love.
As steady as a beating drum in perfect sync with yours.
I never want to be out of the rhythm of grace
because, apart from you,
I am likened to a stampede of elephants;
like a flock of birds running from danger as it draws near.
They no longer fly together but frantically flee,
out of rhythm,
out of sync.
Out of connection.
Give me a love that reflects the synthesis of a paradise lost.
When all creation was at one with you.

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