A Higher Purpose

Like a crown placed on a head
A lost soul waiting to be lead
To something so much more than the pain
Separated from the strain
Of just existing…

There has to be something greater than this
Some type of warmth, some type of bliss
Where who I am is truly alive
Strong, focused, able to abide
Full of purpose…

I come before you wanting to be reborn; unaltered
Though, I must be honest, my brain often seems to falter
And the scars of my past haunt me to no end
Telling me my life is better spent
Wandering, cowering…

My purpose can’t be to carry this load
This shame and guilt is too heavy to hold
God, I need your boldness to find
The purpose that will help me change my mind
From victim, to victor
From abuse survivor, to child of the Saviour

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