Christian Prayer Purpose

Stepping Into And Stepping Out

Walk humbly with my Lord, in Micah I am instructed.
Lord, it is through your strength that my weakness finds completeness.
It is through your strength rather than my own.
Remind me God, it’s for your glory, and your glory alone.

In Jeremiah it is written that you have good plans for me.
As my steps lead me out onto terrain that is unknown,
walking forward, I’ll seek my bravery from above.
Stepping out, bid my compass to hit true.
God, help me find my pace, I know my pace is found in you.

Love both my neighbours and my enemies, I’m told.
So convict me often, when my footsteps go astray.
A nudge to know that the gavel isn’t mine.
That you hold that throne, the judgement seat reserved for one.
You sit in that place, presented by the Father to the Son.

Love the Lord my God with all I have, you say.
You have my heart, and may it always be this way.

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