Christian Purpose in life

What on Earth am I here for?

I meet many people who are looking for their purpose in life.
People who are asking themselves, ‘should I be a doctor, a teacher, a hair dresser, get married, be a youth worker, a church leader, a missionary in a foreign country, or become a parent?’
Often, when we think of purpose, we think of what we will spend our lives doing.

I’d like to suggest that your purpose isn’t what you do.
What you do is just the outworking of your purpose.

Instead of asking what should I do with my life, maybe a better question to ask is ‘Who am I’?
This question leads you naturally to your creator and, as your creator, God knows exactly what He has created you for.

Your purpose is to encounter God and His love which leads you to love Him back, love others, and love yourself.

You are more than what you do.
If my purpose in life is the job I get paid for, then I may crumble the day it was taken away from me because I believed my purpose was in a thing.

Having your purpose in a thing is limiting for your life.
Your primary purpose is simply to be in relationship with God. What you do is just an outworking of that relationship.
This doesn’t limit your life, it’s the making of it.

You may be asking What? When? How? as you seek to discover your purpose.

If you are struggling for answers try asking, ‘God, reveal to me more about who you are and who you’ve created me to be.’
Out of that revelation the what, when, and how will follow.

God makes no mistakes.

I am encouraged to know that God doesn’t make a mistake with those He chooses.
During a recent difficult time, when I felt like I wasn’t doing things well enough, God encouraged me through a lyric in a song:
Oh love, great love, fear cannot be found in you, and there will never be a day you’re uncertain of the ones you choose.

It is the same for you: He doesn’t look at you and think He has made a mistake choosing you, even though you may have messed up a few times.
Remember, God knows you better than you know yourself.
He knows the decisions you will make and how you will act before you know.

God isn’t going to choose you based off your ability to do the task He’s calling you to do well, He’s going to choose you based on your obedience and trust in him.

If God has your obedience and trust then He can lead you and help you grow.
If He only has your gifts and your abilities, without your trust and dependence on Him, you will live a life that depends on your strengths and not His strength.
Then, the minute a hard situation is presented to you, is the minute it is too easy to give up.

Where are you looking for affirmation?

We live in a performance based culture.
The world may say to us, ‘find whatever you are good at and what you are gifted in, practice and get really good at it and then you will get your affirmation from people around you’.
But, don’t let your affirmation and acceptance become solely attached to what you do.

Remember, before you could do anything, God loved you.

You entered this world as a newborn not being able to do anything.
He loved you when you were helpless and couldn’t do anything for Him.
Before anything, you are already loved, already accepted, and already approved. Even in your brokenness.

Live from a place of significance not for a place of significance.

You don’t have to strive for purpose, you already have it!
You don’t earn acceptance from God, you experience it.
I’m not on a ladder, climbing my way up to success. I’m not chasing obvious promotions that can easily cause me to topple at any moment.
I am chasing purpose.
Purpose isn’t found at the top of a ladder, it’s found on the ground, right where I am.
The steady rock on which I stand.

May you discover deep in your heart that your purpose here on earth is to be in a relationship with the God who chose you, and loved you, first.

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