Breakup with Makeup

Living with purpose can take on several different meanings.
During this past Lent I learned that living with purpose means living intentionally.

Living intentionally can mean to live simply or living a life that will place you closer to God.
Living intentionally means living humbly.
And I definitely humbled myself by giving up makeup for Lent.

I consider makeup to be wearable art for your face.

The Lord didn’t bless me with the talent of drawing or painting, a la Toulouse-Lautrec, so I played the talent I was blessed with. And makeup was something that I wore, everyday.
In a way, applying makeup became therapeutic to me.
On top of that, what was wrong with looking polished and put together?

Humility cried out that I should see myself through the eyes of God. And it was a challenge.
I’d never given makeup before and I knew it would save me time in the morning and money in the long run.
In the end vanity lost and for forty days and forty nights I saw myself as The Lord sees me.

Stripped of the glitz and glam I analysed whether or not I was truly close to The Lord.

Yes, makeup can help you look better or boost your self-esteem. But, when you rely on it, makeup can derail us from having a fulfilling relationship with God.

The time that I used to apply makeup in the morning I still made myself up, but with Scripture instead.
My new “makeup” and seeing myself in the mirror, freckles and flaws, forced me to humble myself and see what God sees everyday: a woman who is brave enough to be herself, no apologies or concealer necessary.
A woman who follows the Lord unapologetically although she’s terrified of not fitting in.

I felt not only humbled but free.
Free to face any challenge God threw my way.

However, there’s something else that can bring us closer to God.

Repenting our sins is just as freeing and humbling as being stripped bare.
Sin does come with a high price, exactly like vanity, lies, and fame.
It’s wonderful that at any given moment we can repent and move closer to God.

Hopefully we can learn to live a more purposeful life on a daily basis.
No one said this would be easy and Jesus Christ set the bar high!
But what matters most is the fact that we’re trying, bit by bit, to live in a more purposeful manner.

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