The world we live in is very loud.
Honestly. There’s noise everywhere.
Gone are the days of “speak when you’re spoken to”; there are children as young as 8, building businesses!
The next generation will be born with a freedom of expression we are only just starting to realise.
But, such freedom can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Just as there are incredible individuals making names for themselves and inspiring us with this freedom, there are pseudo-intellectuals with nothing more than a desire to be acknowledged, regardless of whether or not what they’re spouting is fictitious.
Unfortunately, the sheer confidence with which these individuals speak assures many that what they are saying is fact. 

Jean Baudrillard once said, “we live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning”

The growth of the internet has meant that information is never in short supply.
If we want to learn everything there is to know about the Cold War, Wikipedia reveals all. If we want to find out what the weather’s like in China, all it takes is a quick Google search.
The world is so accessible. And so are we.
What this means is that now, more than ever, what we say has value in a way it never used to.
Whereas before our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs could be shared with those closest to us, now, a message shared on social media has the potential to reach millions.
It’s a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Unfortunately, many have lost sight of this responsibility, and of their purpose.

When people speak, they dare others to challenge them. When politicians debate, it’s with a divisiveness that makes it clear they have no intention of changing their mindset.
People no longer debate and discuss to learn – they debate to win. Conversations are superficial, no longer aimed at how we as the human race can work towards the greater good.
While they have not lost their voice, the voice they have (and the words they use) no longer have the meaning they once used to.

This is why I truly believe that now, more than ever, we as Christians are being called to make a change

Those of us that have experienced God know that this isn’t a world He is proud of.
It is a world that stresses the benefits and importance of unity, but where partnership is always transactional.
The days of doing good for the sake of it are few and far between.
But Christianity gives me hope.
We as a community give me hope, because we know who God is. He is a God of love first and foremost. A God of selflessness, compassion, and grace.
And this is our message. This is our purpose.

It is our job to be the voices of unity within communities

And so I challenge you all to remember who God has made you to be, and how you can be used to do exactly that: to inspire the same selflessness, grace, and compassion that God shows us everyday.

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