Spoken Word


This spoken word was written during a challenging time in my life, as a reminder of our God’s faithfulness even when we feel too weak to have faith.

Out of nothing you brought life
and out of darkness you bring light.
In the long night of our waiting, your faithfulness never wanes
and when we watch for you,
you always come through,
exceeding all our limited thinking could conceive –
and, all you ask of us, is to believe.

Our hope grows weak when fear says you’ve forgotten.
We worry and we struggle, turning to our own solutions,
choosing action as a way to clear the dense fog of our doubt.
But when your answers appear
you burst the banks of our imagination,
bringing more than we could ever have begun to hope or dream.
And, all you ask of us, is to believe
as you weave your master story
asking us to play our part
to bring you all of the glory.

So with hearts that are afraid,
weaker than we have courage to say,
into what seems an empty darkness
we let out a hopeful whisper
that says, “Yes, God, we believe;
that you’ll bring beauty out of chaos,
shine light into our darkness,
breathe life to dreams forgotten,
and light the fire of our hope.”


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