“Living a victorious life is not about living a life without any struggles.
Living a victorious life is about knowing your soul is well.”
Cathy Madavan

Victorious you are.
Not because of your hard work, clever strategies and diligence,  or because you made things happen.
Not because you got the winning cheer, or because of your spotlight moment.

Victorious you are.
Even when you’re feeling worthless, or when they told you no.
Even when you’re confronted with the dark, or when the judgements came and made their mark.

Victorious you are.
Not because you loved your neighbour, or because you’ve done “good deeds”.
Not because you found your soulmate, or the job you believe is fate.

Victorious you are.
Even when you don’t fit the status quo, or when you’re the underdog.
Even when you are suffering, or when you find yourself lacking.

Victorious you are.
Not because you’re a role model, or because of how you look.
Not because you woo’d a room, or because your name is known.

Victorious you are.
Even when you’re overlooked, or when you’ve not been celebrated.
Even when you’re stung by critical words, or when you’re feeling isolated.

Victorious you are, because Jesus is.
Because you are His. His victory is yours.
A victory far greater than your human success. It humbles your ego and shatters your pride.
A victory not shaken by your human weakness. It strengthens your heart and causes you to rise.

A victory not dependent on what you have done for Him but what He has done for you.
For we were always bound to lose what Jesus was bound to win.
He alone defeated death. For me and for you.
He pulled our lives from the grip of the grave.

Victorious we are.

“We are meant for thrones and not for graves.”
Steffany Gretzinger 

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