When the lights are off
The stage dismantled
Audience gone

When I’m alone
Will my heart still sing Your praise
Or tingle with the applause of men?

Will my voice call out to You
And sing a love song to you
Or still bask in the euphoria of my performance?

What do I want?
You or the show?
A longing that presses deep within for an answer

I bow before You, my King
I’m nothing without You
I take my place before You as I worship

You own it all
The gift and inspiration
The stage and people

In my quiet moments
I think about Your goodness
How great You are

Your unfailing love fills my heart
The warmth of the embrace of grace
The weightlessness of the cloak of Your righteousness

Then I hear You whisper
Whispers of Your everlasting love for me
Knocking out my fears

Take my worship
Be exalted, my King and Father
Above all as the show continues

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