Badge of Honour

Badge of honour
made of wood,
crafted to cause
the shedding of blood.

It once was a tree,
a beautiful sight,
that sheltered the wild life
throughout day and night.

That tree never knew
how its wood would be used.
It was totally submitted
to the craftsman’s tools.

And it was crafted
to form a cross.
A tree of dignity
made a curse for us.

Of all of the trees
that have ever grown,
this one is a crossroads
to our Heavenly home.

And when we look and
stand and stare
at the saviour – Jesus –
who was nailed there,

and we look at our own life
which we live, glad and free,
and we cast a thought
to eternity…

And we think, ‘could I really
be worth all that paint
that Jesus did suffer,
my salvation, His aim?’

Yes! Jesus died
on that cross made of wood.
And was taken down
after shedding His blood.

He gave up His life
so that we could be free.
And He did it because
He loves you and me.

But, praise be to God,
for me rose from the grave
and, if we believe,
our soul He will save.

Confess you’re a sinner,
that He died in your place,
and you will receive
God’s saving grace

Yes! This badge of honour
is worn in our heart,
when we receive Jesus
true life will then start.

Jesus cried ‘it is finished’
and so is my poem.

I hope that we’ll meet
in His heavenly home.

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