The Change Heard Around the World

Some people are more receptive to change, while others run as fast as they can from it.
At times it seems as if change is the worst possible thing that can happen. But there are several components to change.

There are times when change is definitely welcome.
When the change is our idea, of course it’s bound to get a better reaction.

But, when the change stems from someone else having control, we almost always put on the brakes.

Even though we say we have given all the control to Our Lord and Savior, that isn’t always the case.
We want to hang onto the last little bit of control in our lives; surrendering all takes a lot of humility, courage, and faith. And there’s one person who can show us exactly how to receive the changes The Lord asks of us:

Mary was just a young girl, engaged to Joseph, when the angel Gabriel came to her and told her that she would conceive a son by the power of The Holy Spirit and name him Jesus.

Naturally, Mary questioned how this would all happen and she could have said no.
But, instead, she replied with a resounding yes. 

The next time you’re thinking about the changes that He’s taking you through, whether they’re daily, monthly, or yearly, remember Mary and how she responded.
Mary’s yes not only gave her a son, but we all got to receive Jesus Christ’s love and His ministry.

Even if you don’t quite understand what He’s asking of you, remember these words:

‘I am the Lord’s servant…May your word to me be fulfilled…’
Luke 1:38 (NIV)

You might not always see the point of the changes He’s taking you through, but they’re all a part of the Lord’s plan for us and an extension of His eternal love.
Take that leap of faith and remember Mary’s ‘yes’ when you’re faced with unexpected changes.


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