Psalm 121

God calls us to be obedient; this can be met with excitement or terror.

As my adventure began, I was so excited. It all just felt so right.
But, in those times of courage and excitement, the devil works his way in and makes things so hard.

In a place with so much love and care I was left feeling incredibly alone.
But, God is good, and it is Him that I can count on to give me strength to see past what the enemy is throwing at me.

On a Sunday afternoon in Romania I felt so lonely; an outsider.
I doubted myself and the motives of my trip as, up to this point, I hadn’t made any significant impact and felt rather useless.

After a cry and a good pray I painted this to remind myself that the maker of the universe was, and is, in control of everything. That when I’m feeling rubbish or fearful of the future and insignificant, He is my help and my guide!

God is good, His steadfast love endures forever.

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