The Thief

He threatens every one and some run or hide,
but there’s no fleeing away because he attacks from the inside.
So they wait and tremble at the thought of knowing he’s real
and, somewhat ashamed, they hide what’s most valuable; hoping he won’t steal.

This thief is fear. And he’s more harmful than he may appear.
He comes in the middle of the night and tries to steal my dreams.
This unseen enemy tries to keep me from my destiny.

Fear was created to protect but when given freedom, he destroys.
Some times he warns people of danger but, be warned, he can be dangerous.
His greatest threat is the safety he says he provides.
His weapons tell you there’s no way to fight or escape and he attacks with these lies.

He covers his face with a mask and few will be bold enough to face him.
He speaks with words that threaten his victims and leaves them scared and speechless.
He’s wanted dead or alive for keeping people from their dreams and aspirations.
He kills many goals and desires and starts fires to try and burn my future down.

Fear is lying when he tells me that I fail before I even try
and he is a lion. His prey is my hopes and plans.

A way to captivate my thoughts, he looks so hard to find,
to pry his way in and take over my mind.
Focusing and waiting on him is most threatening,
because those who fear him have given him the key.

His name is fear and he calls me names that do not define me.
Fear tries to take, but God gives me faith and keeps me protected
and in Christ I am His child, defended and accepted.
God has not given me the spirit of fear.

I have decided that I will not let fear keep me from passionately pursuing my purpose.
I will be warned by fear, but I will not be overwhelmed by it.
I will let fear help when he may, but I refuse to let an emotion rob me
and I will not let the perils of fear be paralysing.

Fear is a thief,
but fear cannot break into my mind because I remind him that he has no power over me.
He cannot steal from my heart because God has given me a heart of steel.
He will never get past the system of security which is my purpose and dreams.

I will not be afraid of fear, but I will faithfully fight until fear is afraid of me.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

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