Courage In The Unknown

I had everything planned out.
I was serving at my church, working at the childcare centre five days a week, playing tennis as often as possible.

But all that changed when I fell on the clay court at tennis and broke my knee.

I had to go to the orthopaedic surgeon, next.
I remember my eyes welling with tears, asking myself and him, ‘What if I can never play tennis or dance again?’

I was scared, anxious, and desolate to say the least.
I didn’t understand how the plans I had could change so drastically in a single moment.
When I fell that day on the clay court everything was altered, instantly, just like it was for Joseph.

In the Old Testament Joseph was quickly thrust out of his plans when his brothers plotted against him, selling him into slavery.
He was unjustly imprisoned, but Joseph became an important advisor to the Pharaoh at the time through his gift of dream interpretation. Joseph is never once recorded asking, “Why me?” or “What if I don’t make it through this?”

Joseph had the courage to trust God in all ways, to take everything in stride, and know that it was all accounted for within God’s plan.
Joseph had the strength and faith to surrender all to Him, in all ways.
And Joseph had enough courage to forgive his own brothers, in the end.

If Joseph had this type of courage, who was I to lack faith and courage in being sidelined?

No, this won’t be easy, but I’m determined to remain courageous.
I’ll be standing, albeit on crutches, trusting Him completely.

It takes a lot of courage to face life when it doesn’t line up with your plans.
It takes courage to be humble.
And if you’ve ever had to relearn how to take a bath in your thirties, that’s definitely a humbling experience!

Until further notice I consider myself sidelined. But, I’m courageous enough to let Him lead me on this journey, crutches or cast, strengthening our relationship along the way.

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