The Call

I have placed between us, distance.
A river of madness
just out of reach.
It protects me, I believe.
I fear intimacy.

I stand, looking across,
feeling lost.
I can see you, there,
but what is the cost?
I fear intimacy.

My eyes meet yours.
A look of concern has filled your face.
You reach for me, but I am stubborn,
I am afraid.
I fear intimacy.

A sense of urgency rises.
Something is behind me;
in all my stubbornness
I misread the distance,
allied with the wrong side,
ignored the existence.

If I stay here I will surely die.
Forgetting all fear, closing my eyes,
I swing open my arms wide.
Close the distance. I want to be entwined,
to touch you, see you, hear you.
So in the water, I dive…

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