Spoken Word

The Thrill of Hope

Presents to buy
carol concerts to attend
busyness, bustling,
money to spend
if you’re lucky.

Have you heard the latest on Brexit?
That astonishing “fake news”?
Political argument,
all gloom and bad news.

Where is God in it all?
Does He even exist?
Have you stopped in the chaos, to ponder,
or do you resist?

His voice shattered the darkness,
the element of life spoken into existence.
Before then, the vastness of nothingness,
but His light pierced through the distance
and, through Him, creation was made.

Nine months pregnant,
bound by the rules of the system:
a census to be answered,
a home to to be visited.

Labour pains intense,
contractions ever increasing,
and yet nowhere to lay her head.
By her side, a tiny child nestled,
saviour of the world
laid where animals fed.

Christmas is coming,
it’s that time of year,
Jesus’ birth we remember.

Allow the thrill of hope
to draw near.


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