Short Story

The Inn Keeper’s Story

I didn’t know then, when the visitors started appearing all worn from long days travelling, or when my inn was getting full and more busy than it had ever been before.
I didn’t know, when I was so tired and feeling grumpy from serving all my guests, collecting all the extra sheets and cooking lots of meals.
Nobody told me that when they arrived with their donkey that I’d want to take them in, or that I should give them the best room that I had.
I didn’t know the ordinary, heavily pregnant, girl with the scruffy man were about to give birth to the one who’d change the world.

I had no choir of angels telling me or a bright shiny star to follow.
I didn’t know that history would judge me for not letting them in.

The girl, I could tell, was very tired and the man looked depleted. So, after grumping at them ‘There’s no more room at the inn’ I glanced at my wife. I saw the idea she had.
I didn’t know as I offered them my stable with the animals that she’d give birth that night.
Nobody told me the little baby born in my stable and placed in the manger would be a king; a saviour of the world.

When did I know, I hear you say.

Well, it wasn’t when I saw the shepherds arrive, though I thought how strange as I was disturbed yet, again.
All of a sudden strange foreigners from across the land with camels and luxury gifts in hand, arrived.
A bright star illuminated over the stable.
I started to feel an excitement rise and I heard choirs of angels.
That’s when I grabbed my wife’s hand and said, ‘Come on ,we have to see! I think it’s something special.’

As I entered that stable, all was calm and peaceful. All the animals were laying and then I glanced over at the manger.
As I took a step closer and closer, still I could feel it!
I looked at the baby and I knew it, then. That was the moment I did know.
All my anger fell away. I felt peace I’d never once felt before.

I knew then, that He was light of the world. He was Emmanuel, God with us.

I was astonished that He was born here in my stable amongst the animals.
His name was Jesus. The girl, his mother, was Mary and his father, Joseph, was a carpenter. They were from Nazareth.
I’m glad that I got to be a part of such a special moment.


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