A Writer’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this new day, for this new year, for all the possibilities and opportunities it may bring.
Thank you for the gift of writing, for my desire and calling to write.

May the blank page before me feel like invitation rather than intimidation.

May you guide my words as they leave my pen and use them to bless, inspire, and bring hope to a hurting world. May you use my words to bring about fruit in others, even if I never get to see it.
May I focus on working out my calling instead of worrying about my following, believing that my words matter whether it’s to one person, or one hundred, or one thousand.

Bring to me an awareness of all that is around me: help me to go slow, and pay attention so as to capture even the smallest seed of an idea.

Give me discernment to know which ones to water and grow, and which ones need to lie dormant for a while longer.

Help me to reject the idea of scarcity and view my work through the lens of abundance, confident that the words will come again after I step back to replenish.

May you silence the voices of self-doubt, of fear, of comparison, and may you amplify your spirit within me, that I may be faithful to my work, my calling, my reader.
And when my writing falls short of what I want it to be, may I press on anyway, confident in the knowledge that my worth is not derived from my words, but rests in my identity as your Beloved.


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