“Every Woman”

“So what does a modern day Christian woman look like?”

Normally I’d be rattling off several different answers from Biblical and historical perspectives, quoting Scripture behind them all. Still, that was a question I had to sit with for a while.

A modern day Christian woman wears a lot of different faces.

She’s every ethnicity with wavy, straight, curly, kinky, or coloured hair.
Some days she wears makeup but other days she’s too busy discovering all her clothes are covered in spit-up to put self-care, first.

She’s as tall as a volleyball spiker, or petite. There are days where she stands tall no matter what the day brings; holding her head high and her shoulders down as if she were a prima ballerina. Some anniversaries make the day seem as if an elephant’s sitting on her chest, making it impossible to breathe.
But, you’d never know it through the smile on her face.

If anyone asks what she truly desires the answers could stem from equal pay to equal work, companionship, to watch her favorite Netflix show interrupted, or a healthy baby.
Maybe she wants a manicure or to spend St. Valentine’s Day with her family since she got deployed.

Her hazel, blue or brown eyes choke back tears when she learns her husband has a terminal illness, since she has to remain strong for their children.
She sees the world as an oyster but feels like William Shakespeare is the only person who truly understands her.
She might be learning to play guitar or taking fencing classes for the first time.

Everyday she reads The Bible, drinking every word deeply.
She might listen to Lana Del Rey because melancholia is one of the only ways to deal with the brokenness of the world.

After a careful inventory, a modern day Christian woman is any woman in the world; gathering prayers daily, trying to belong to Him, and be her own person.

She takes all the challenges in stride, knowing she’s never alone. In every moment of doubt, fear or anxiety He’s there to carry her and her burdens. And she loves Him more than life itself.

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