March: Battles

In March we will be exploring the theme of Battles.

We’ll be adding submissions to this theme as the month progresses, so don’t forget to check back throughout the month.

Click each image to view the submission.

Christian, battles, struggles, therapy
When God Was My Mob Boss: A Testimony
Christian struggles, God, Jesus
Under Attack: A Devotion
Homeless, poetry poem
Streetlife: A Poem
Christian Poem Conqueror
Jehovah Ebenezer: A Poem
Image testimony phone call
You Need Only Be Still: A Testimony
Surrender to God in battles image
The Oxymoron: A Devotion
Heart Artwork Christian artist
My Heart His Hands: Artwork
Christian Temptation Poetry
The Tree In The Middle: Poetry
Victory Image Christian Battles
Fighting Back: A Testimony


Male, battles, poem, poetry
Last Word: Poetry
Inferno Christian short story Battles
Inferno: A Short Story
Christian devotional battles
Army Advantage: A Devotion
Happy lady. Difficult times in life Christian Inspiration
Battles: Poetry & Reflection
Christian Devotion Battles Table
#LivingYourBestLife: A Devotion
Marriage testimony Christian Bride
Rock Bottom To Redemption: A Testimony
Voices Christian poetry battles
Voices: Poetry