Tips & Guidelines

Are you are inspired to share a piece of your journey with us?

Find our Tips and Guidelines, below:


We currently accept submissions to seven categories:

  • Art
  • Devotionals
  • Poetry
  • Prayer
  • Short Stories
  • Spoken Word
  • Testimonies

Deadlines for submissions

We publish new content throughout each month.

Please allow time for your submission to be checked by our Editor and prepared for publishing to the site.

Art submissions

We ask contributors to submit images of a high resolution. If you are able to capture a time lapse video of your work, even better!

Written submissions

While there is no ‘typical’ wordcount for our written content, our targets are as follows:

Short prose – 750 words or less
Testimonies – 1500 words or less

For any pieces longer than 1500 words, we may opt to run the work as a series (splitting into two or more uploads).

Musical worship

At this time we are not hosting recorded musical worship on this platform. However, if you are a musician or Worship leader there are still lots of ways to contribute. Please get in touch to discuss.

If there is a worship song you would like us to feature on ‘What We’re Listening To’ please contact with the details.

Good to know


In all cases it is vital the contributor only submit works they own the rights to. We host previously published articles upon request and do not claim rights to any published works without knowing consent.


All contributors’ personal data is stored in compliance with GDPR policy.

Unsuitable content

Print Collective reserves the right to reject submissions unsuitable for publishing to the platform.

While each piece is reviewed on an individual basis, common issues include: submissions requiring extensive editing, duplicating other contributions, or conflicting with our Ethos. In all cases you will be informed and have the opportunity for feedback, if desired.

What’s next?

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