February: Boundaries

During February 2019, we explored the theme of boundaries. Thank you to all those who submitted!

Click the image to view each post and don’t forget to comment if there’s something you’d like to feedback.

Image shows bridge, boundaries, Christianity
Invisible Lines: Poetry
Sea Boundaries Christian
Setting Boundaries Part 4: A Devotion
God Is Your Border Security: A Devotion
Christian Devotional Boundaries (Image shows apple)
Breaking Boundaries: A Devotion
Christian Spoken Word (Man Walking)
A Simpler Life: A Spoken Word
Setting Boundaries Part 3: A Devotion
Woman devotional boundaries, making a decision
Setting Boundaries Part 2: A Devotion
Image shows tied hands Christian Boundaries
Tentmaker: Poetry
Poetry Christian female temptation
Run From Ruin: Poetry
Male Writing Christian Devotion
Setting Boundaries Part 1: A Devotion
Hands Poem Christian
You Can’t Touch Me: Poetry
The Dance Poetry
The Dance: Poetry