January: Identity

This month we have been exploring the theme of identity. Thank you to all those who have submitted!
Click the image to view each post and don’t forget to comment if there’s something you’d like to feedback.

Abba’s Child: Art
A flamingo amongst pigeons: A Devotion
He Completes Us : A Devotion
Discovering You: A Devotion
Image shows clothes shop
Labels Clothes, Not People: A Devotion
Rags to Riches: A Devotion
Working For Worth: Part 1: A Devotion
Working For Worth: Part 2: A Devotion
Ancient Pathway: A Poem
More: A Poem
“Where are you?”: A Poem
Who Am I?: A Poem
Image shows lady holding fairy lights
Who is She?: A Poem
Four friends against the sun
Print Collective: A Prayer
Tongue Tied: A Prayer
The Traveller: A Short Story
My Cell Mate: A Short Story
Abba’s Child: A Spoken Word
Light & Dark Can’t Coexist: A Testimony
The Lie: A Testimony
Image shows a lady looking in the mirror
Who You Say I Am: A Testimony
Woman takes selfie
Our Battle For Identity: A Devotion
Identity: Art by Anri