July: Purpose

In July we will be exploring the theme of Purpose.

We’ll be adding submissions to this theme as the month progresses, so don’t forget to check back throughout the month.

Click each image to view the submission.

What’s Your Purpose? A Devotion
Fulfil Not Forsake: Art
On The Edge: A Devotion
To Journey: A Devotion
Noise: A Devotion
Art and poetry, Christian
Bloom: Art & Poetry
Art, handlettering, purpose, Christian
Fulfilling My Purpose: Art
Christian testimony makeup
Breakup with Makeup: A Testimony
Christian Devotion Purpose
Going about God’s Business: A Devotion
Created: Poetry
Holding On: Art
Christian Purpose in life
What On Earth Am I Here For: A Devotion
Christian Prayer Purpose
Stepping Into And Stepping Out: A Prayer
A Tree Planted By A Stream: Poetry
A Higher Purpose: Poetry
Finding Purpose Through Creative Service: A Testimony