May: Prayer

In May we will be exploring the theme of Prayer.

We’ll be adding submissions to this theme as the month progresses, so don’t forget to check back throughout the month.

Click each image to view the submission.

Christian poem worship
He Who Is Love: A Poem
Christian Testimony Prayer Miracle
When prayer is all you have left: A Testimony
Christian poem prayer
Prayer: A Poem
Christian testimony prayer
New Heights: A Testimony
Pray first Christianity
A Prayer About Prayer.
Christian Poem
Hands/Heart: A Poem
Prayer Christian devotion
Praying With My Eyes Open: A Devotion
Prayer testimony christian
Let’s Keep It Real: A Testimony
The Doughnut Wall: A Prayer
Christian testimony prayer
The Power That Lies Within It: A Testimony
Christian Devotion Prayer
The Glove Compartment: A Devotion
Christian testimony hope career job
Resurrecting Hope: A Testimony
Interpreting Prayer: Artwork
Poem Poetry Christianity
Deafening Whisper: Poetry
Christian Devotion Prayer
The Game Changer: A Devotion