• Devotion

    Your Greatest Fear

    "If I asked you what your greatest fear was, what would you say?" This devotion by Phil Walker, helps us to explore the fears that hold us back in our life and encourages us to come to God.

  • Testimony


    This short encouragement by @sheisidentified is wonderful. There can be moments in life that leave you in a state of 'Freefall' and you feel out of your depth and control. Worth a read.

  • Prayer

    A Prayer Against Fear

    Whether a temporary emotion or a more on-going state of mind, this beautiful prayer against fear may be just what you need. Thank you to our anonymous contributor who submitted this gorgeous piece.

  • Devotion

    Power of a Seed

    This beautiful devotion by Anu encourages us to reflect on the impact of our testimonies and how a changed, victorious, or transformed life transcends beyond us, alone.

  • Testimony

    The Something Better

    A Testimony by Zoe Abernethy on leadership, letting go and embracing the change God had for her. At times, I have tried to hold on to things that have brought me life in the past but are not for my ‘now’.

  • Testimony

    Stepping Out.

    In this inspiring testimony by Christen Fox, she shares, "What I have learned over the last 7 years is the “uncomfortable” places we find ourselves are the places where we need God the most."

  • Poetry

    Badge of Honour

    A poem by Roly Brooks, from Wirral Worship Collective. "It once was a tree, a beautiful sight, that sheltered the wild life throughout day and night..." This lovely poem is worth a read!

  • Poetry


    A poem by Anu Onasanya. "When the lights are off, the stage dismantled, audience gone, when I'm alone will my heart still sing Your praise or tingle with the applause of men?"

  • Devotion

    Surrendering All

    A truly beautiful devotion. Sara Price believes that the modern world can see weakness as a negative, however, as a Christian, it is actually just the thing that leads us to the Lord.

  • Poetry


    This is a really beautiful poem written by Zachary over at @poeticweston for our theme of weakness. This one truly touched us and we highly recommend you give it a read.

  • Poetry


    Do you know that you are victorious regardless of success, popularity or achievements? Zoe ponders the victory that is ours through Christ Jesus in this piece.

  • Poetry

    The Light Shines Through

    Check out this beautiful poem written by Alex, inspired by 2 Corinthians 4:7-9. "Cracked and broken held together from within by something so powerful, yet self compressed, creates gravity..."

  • Poetry

    Tremble and Shake

    We are happy to publish anonymous submissions and this is a lovely one! Submitted under the theme of weakness, this poem takes an alternative view to the world's view of weakness.

  • Poetry


    Poetry. What's your weakness? Is it material items? I think many of us can understand what it's like to have so much 'stuff' we don't actually know what to do with it all!

  • Spoken Word


    Gemma says "This spoken word was written during a challenging time in my life, as a reminder of our God’s faithfulness even when we feel too weak to have faith."

  • Poetry


    Poetry by Jami D Johns. Short but thought provoking, many of you may identify with this piece. Where do you find rest from your striving? Worth a read.

  • Art

    Fulfil Not Forsake

    Another beautiful hand lettered submission by @jouwletters. We hope its words encourage you and the work itself inspires you to try your hand at making beautiful art.