• Poetry


    Poetry. What's your weakness? Is it material items? I think many of us can understand what it's like to have so much 'stuff' we don't actually know what to do with it all!

  • Spoken Word


    Gemma says "This spoken word was written during a challenging time in my life, as a reminder of our God’s faithfulness even when we feel too weak to have faith."

  • Poetry


    Poetry by Jami D Johns. Short but thought provoking, many of you may identify with this piece. Where do you find rest from your striving? Worth a read.

  • Art

    Fulfil Not Forsake

    Another beautiful hand lettered submission by @jouwletters. We hope its words encourage you and the work itself inspires you to try your hand at making beautiful art.

  • Devotion


    The world can be a noisy place with many distractions looking for our attention. This brilliant devotions encourages us to live out our purpose despite the distractions.

  • Devotion

    To Journey

    This devotion by Rachael Birch is full of zest, zeal, and a joy for life! If you're stuck in a bit of a rut and not too sure what to do about it, we suggest giving this one a read. You may find some inspiration.

  • Testimony

    On The Edge

    A testimony by Zoe Abernethy. Have you ever come to the end of your own strength and needed to surrender the situation to God to claim your victory? Zoe has....

  • Art,  Poetry


    A beautiful piece of artwork and poetry submitted by the talented Katie Louise. "It came like a vision, so fast and so sudden, the purpose, the potential, bursting with new life and colours I hadn’t seen"

  • Poetry


    A beautiful poem by Gemma Hellawell (@mywordship) encouraging us to embrace our unique selves and resist comparing ourselves and our lives to others.

  • Art

    Holding On

    This beautiful hand lettered submission was submitted to us over Instagram by @jouwletters for our theme of Purpose. What do you think of this quote?

  • Poetry

    A Higher Purpose

    A beautiful piece of poetry from our friends over at @sheisidentified, exploring our theme of Purpose. "There has to be something greater than this, some type of warmth, some type of bliss."

  • Poetry

    Steadfast Love

    A deep, beautiful and touching poem written by Judith Kent. "Give me a love that reflects the synthesis of a paradise lost, when all creation was at one with you."

  • Christian art

    Your Dwelling Place

    This beautiful piece of artwork by Fran (@fran_letters) looks at our relationship with God. Based on Psalm 84:10, Fran asks the question, how much do we treasure our 1-1 time with God?

  • Team work Christian devotion

    Tough in a Team

    A testimony by our Co-founder Zoe Abernethy. In this piece, Zoe recounts the day she took part in Tough Mudder and what she learnt about team work from the experience. Check this one out!

  • Christian devotion

    United We Stand

    In this heartfelt piece, Anri, talks about her experience of relationships, both with her biological mother and her husband, and how she has learnt to put God at the centre of it all.

  • Christian devotional friendship

    The Gift Of Friendship

    Mim believes we were never meant to do life alone and that true friends can be a real gift from God. But just like any relationship, whether family or romantic, sometimes friendships can take work.