• Devotion

    Surrendering All

    A truly beautiful devotion. Sara Price believes that the modern world can see weakness as a negative, however, as a Christian, it is actually just the thing that leads us to the Lord.

  • Poetry


    This is a really beautiful poem written by Zachary over at @poeticweston for our theme of weakness. This one truly touched us and we highly recommend you give it a read.

  • Poetry


    Do you know that you are victorious regardless of success, popularity or achievements? Zoe ponders the victory that is ours through Christ Jesus in this piece.

  • Poetry

    The Light Shines Through

    Check out this beautiful poem written by Alex, inspired by 2 Corinthians 4:7-9. "Cracked and broken held together from within by something so powerful, yet self compressed, creates gravity..."

  • Poetry

    Tremble and Shake

    We are happy to publish anonymous submissions and this is a lovely one! Submitted under the theme of weakness, this poem takes an alternative view to the world's view of weakness.

  • Poetry


    Poetry. What's your weakness? Is it material items? I think many of us can understand what it's like to have so much 'stuff' we don't actually know what to do with it all!

  • Spoken Word


    Gemma says "This spoken word was written during a challenging time in my life, as a reminder of our God’s faithfulness even when we feel too weak to have faith."

  • Poetry


    Poetry by Jami D Johns. Short but thought provoking, many of you may identify with this piece. Where do you find rest from your striving? Worth a read.

  • Art

    Fulfil Not Forsake

    Another beautiful hand lettered submission by @jouwletters. We hope its words encourage you and the work itself inspires you to try your hand at making beautiful art.

  • Devotion


    The world can be a noisy place with many distractions looking for our attention. This brilliant devotions encourages us to live out our purpose despite the distractions.

  • Devotion

    To Journey

    This devotion by Rachael Birch is full of zest, zeal, and a joy for life! If you're stuck in a bit of a rut and not too sure what to do about it, we suggest giving this one a read. You may find some inspiration.

  • Testimony

    On The Edge

    A testimony by Zoe Abernethy. Have you ever come to the end of your own strength and needed to surrender the situation to God to claim your victory? Zoe has....

  • Art,  Poetry


    A beautiful piece of artwork and poetry submitted by the talented Katie Louise. "It came like a vision, so fast and so sudden, the purpose, the potential, bursting with new life and colours I hadn’t seen"

  • Poetry


    A beautiful poem by Gemma Hellawell (@mywordship) encouraging us to embrace our unique selves and resist comparing ourselves and our lives to others.

  • Art

    Holding On

    This beautiful hand lettered submission was submitted to us over Instagram by @jouwletters for our theme of Purpose. What do you think of this quote?

  • Poetry

    A Higher Purpose

    A beautiful piece of poetry from our friends over at @sheisidentified, exploring our theme of Purpose. "There has to be something greater than this, some type of warmth, some type of bliss."

  • Poetry

    Steadfast Love

    A deep, beautiful and touching poem written by Judith Kent. "Give me a love that reflects the synthesis of a paradise lost, when all creation was at one with you."